DCC Lures

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Providing the Best Lures for All Expeditions

There is no such thing as a lure that catches every fish. Rivers, lakes, and the ocean are complex ecosystems with different species filling unique niches. What is prey for one species is a predator for the next, which makes selecting the right lure essential for a successful fishing trip. DCC Lures of Boynton Beach, FL, is dedicated to producing high quality, custom lures that increase the potential for you to hopefully land the fish that you target.

Here are some of the lures we currently offer:

Sea Turtles

DCC Lures is the home of the SEA TURTLE HATCHERS (patent pending).

These lures are deadly and absolutely fun to fish. Because sea turtles migrate amazing distances, they often meet up with the Sargasso Sea, and turtles are at home riding those weed lines and currents while offering food and protection for their offspring. Get where I'm going? Pelagics love them! Same with the inshore species such as Tarpon, Snook, Snapper, and Grouper – all seek them out coming off the beaches.

How to Use: The lure will saturate after a minute or two, and then suspend beneath the surface and glide back up at the direction of your rod – a very natural looking movement. The lure has a slight flex to the bite and is tied on circle hooks to improve hook-ups and aid in healthy releases. The fins are attached separately from the body shell by design so that they float and respond to the waves and currents more naturally. Offshore, cast or slow troll, and I mean slow, around weed lines, debris, or color changes and rips. Don't forget about bottom fishing. Long Leader is the key.

The Sea Turtle Hatcher lure is a very exciting, must-have lure and is now available to you.

... and just think: For every fish you catch, you've just saved a Sea Turtle!


Obtaining quality stingrays to use as bait can be very time consuming. Here ya go! Catch your Goliaths anytime without spending time catching your bait. Great for impromptu drops, or for just the matter of having the next best thing. Rigging styles vary by anglers and regions, so the rig provided with your purchase is one of general consensus. This lure is made of leather. After fishing simply soap, rinse, and let dry. Just like a baseball glove, it loves a good rub down with leather oil now and then.


Dock Shrimp: Designed to mimic juvenile shrimp in the back country and intracoastal waters. I like to run the tides near docks and lights. These shrimp fry are excellent for bait fishing, catching moonfish and sheapshead, snook, snapper and jacks. Small splitshots may be needed in some applications.

Beach Shrimp: A larger profile lure designed for actively swimming fish near shore. Also excellent for catching larger baits such as goggle eyes, blue runners and small mackeral.

Bucktail Streamers

These are the perfect drifting lures for kingfish and other bait chasers, thanks to their exceptional design and eye catching colors. These work especially well on your planer. Get a variety, and be set to catch your fish! Weighted eyes for upright balance and enough shank to rig with strips if desired. Great for drifting as well.

Synthetic Trolling Lures

Sailfish, dolphin, wahoo and tuna hook-ups are the most common bites. These lures dart and flare at various speeds and wave conditions . Most captains prefer to pin a bonita strip or rig a ballyhoo to the lure. ( I've caught plenty un-rigged ). All synthetic skirt and body tied on heavy duty hooks built for higher speeds and durability.


Designed to drift naturally behind an anchored and chummed boat, especially for the yellowtail snapper and mangrove snappers. The bead eyes hold a small amount of absorbed water, which makes them slide back better.

Field Mouse

Made with varmit fur, this Basser is always a great choice. Snook eat 'em too!